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Stefano Sini FossiÓnt


Artist BIO

The artist Stefano Sini, FossiÓnt, his stage name,

 was born to Cagliari (Sardinia ľ Italy) in 1962.

FossiÓnt was born with the painting, that has brought ahead since 1976, intercalating in the years to everything today, experiences in the photographic and graphic sector, in that sculptural and ceramic, in the poetry, computer art and mail art, achieving flattering results, with invitations to shows and reviews, prizes and recognitions, national and international.


FossiÓnt lives every form of art, not singly, but with a vision of universality.


In his first works, often lines of arabesque as the run of to labyrinth shine through; hidden and clear fragments, bridges of the space and the time and figurative the and informal dualism.


Address and Study:

Via del Lentischio, 50 -  09048 Sinnai (CA). Italy

          E-mail: macchia.ale@tiscali.it

          Info: http://artefossiant.blogspot.com

Official site: www.guzzardi.it/arte/archiviomailart/artistimailart/sini.html



 Stefano Sini FossiÓnt


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